Earning commissions as an affiliate. Copy your affiliation link in your account (marketing), kindly click of the become a referral at the top of your account to join the referral system, start making money today, when a your link is clicked and the person register on the site, you will make money when your member is activated.

On your referral member confirmation, we will credit you 10% of the total investment.

Minimum Referral payment N5000 (will be paid to your registered account)


First Position will  depend on the number of people you have registered and the account balance in your affiliate.

The most important is the account you have earned.

Affiliate leader will be paid N10,000 each month.

So start making money now.

You must be active member before your can become an affiliate, if you are not an active member, you will not be eligible for payment.

Best of luck.

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